Professor Serafin D. Talisayon
  Vice-Chairperson, KM Association of the Philippines and Vice-Chairman, Society of KM Professionals of the Philippines
  KM consultant for Asian Development Bank, Shell Malampaya MMT, IBM Philippines, PMAP, Asian Productivity Organization (Tokyo), WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, UNDP, World Bank, UNISDR-Asia Pacific, Ambedkar Institute of Productivity (Chennai, India), Baganuur JST (Mongolia), ILO-Asia Pacific (Bangkok)
  Director for R&D of CCLFI. Philippines, a non-profit NGO and leading service provider in knowledge management

Welcome to the Course!

Welcome to the 21th class (First Semester, 2013-2014)!

Knowledge Management (KM) is the topic of the elective graduate course Technology Management 298 taught by Dr. Serafin Talisayon this semester at the University of the Philippines Technology Management Center. It is the first KM course in the Philippines and has been taught by him for over a decade. To grow the discipline of KM in the Philippines, Dr. Talisayon co-founded two non-profit foundations: the KM Association of the Philippines and CCLFI. CCLFI supports this publicly-accessible KM course website to enable TM 298 students - who are mostly working students - to conveniently participate 24/7 in the KM course and also to promote its public advocacy for KM.

Especially if you are a manager, KM demands not only learning new perspectives, but unlearning old ones that no longer work. In a global economy that is increasingly knowledge-based, knowledge management (KM) is essential. Survival of corporations depends on enterprise-wide capacities for learning, innovation and KM.

KM requires practice. Your grade in this course will depend largely on how you design and perform a practicum in your workplace.

If you are not a member of the class you are always welcome to browse, pick up any material you like, and learn from this open website.