(Note: To preserve anonymity and company confidentiality, organizations are called "ABC" and processes are called "XYZ")


         A learning system for technical support

         A look at shareholder capital of ABC

         A study towards benchmarking: KM in 10 SMEs

         A who-knows-what audit of the XYZ services group of ABC

         ABC Knowledge repository

         ABC product line best proven practice

         ABC supplier directory portal

         Acquiring and managing accounts

         Adoption of KM processes in a technolog-based NGO

         After-action review

         Aligning SOPs and manuals with PIC/s

         Assessing how far an organization is learning and innovation oriented

         Assessing KM readiness of ABC

         Assessment of critical knowledge assets of ABC

         Assessment of infrastructure team prior to external service offers

         AWS (alternative workplace strategy) portal

         Behavioral indicators of competencies and correlation with KPI

         Best practices in investment banking at ABC, DEF and GHI

         Best practices in IT at ABC

         Best practices in taking MTM comprehensive examination

         Best practices on international publisher's representation

         Best practices on maintenance of substation equipment

         Book of Learning and Technology Database

         Bug fixing: reusing solutions and maximizing experts' knowledge

         Business intelligence for ABC

         Business process improvement of ABC teams

         CALLS: capture audit lessons learned system

         Capture and re-use of project lessons learned

         Capture knowledge from adaptive learning

         Capturing exiting knowledge: knowledge harvesting

         Capturing tacit knowledge in ABC's performance and development plan

         Capturing tacit knowledge of ABC experts about to resign

         Case study and evaluation of five knowledge management projects

         Case study of an exemplary KM practice at ABC

         Case study: incentive for work improvisation/creativity and innovation

         Characterizing 3 best practices in ABC

         Checklist on KM literacy

         Competitive intelligence on Phil-based biomedical engineering firms

         Co-developing an OJT program with a techical school

         Codifying and sharing expertise at ABC

         Collaborative software to enable knowledge sharing at ABC

         Collection, validation, storage and reuse of lessons learned

         Comparison and critique of 5 KM programs

         Comparison of SAP KM suite with MS Sharepoint

         Comprehensive retrieval of actionable customer knowledge

         Conducting After-Action Review or Lessons Learned Meeting

         Content acquisition processes

         Contract management abstraction and management tool

         CoP in managing ABC documents

         Correlating stock performance with tangible and intangible assets

         Correlation of Balanced Scorecard and KM

         Creating a learning culture: framework and KPIs

         Criteria and indicators for knowledge management systems

         Critical Decision Interview Method

         Critical incident resolutions database from lessons learned session

         Critical review of web tools and innovating a business model

         Critical skill gap analysis of business retail division team of ABC

         CRM integrated with website syncing

         Cross-project learning system

         Customer feedback mechanism in ABC's workshops for DEFs

         Customer feedback site for process improvement

         Customer satisfaction measurement for ABC training

         Customer-driven innovation circle

         Customer-driven website improvements

         Database of process changes by subcontractors for fault diagnosis

         Decision Support System Sharepoint site

         Design and execution of KPA website

         Design and setup of a portal for a nationwide project

         Design and test improvements in R&D teams

         Design of a demand-driven KM system

         Design of 3 templates for 3 different best practices

         Design of a retailer feedback system for contractors

         Design of training in QC tools to analyze process data

         Designing a learning system that captures/documents best practices

         Designing a tool to measure proclivity of an organization to innovation

         Designing and testing a format for a learning-oriented AAR

         Developing a business process template

         Development of an orientation manual for ABC

         Document control standards and procedures

         Documentation of key purchasing support group processes

         Documentation of processes in CM/communications team

         Documenting a best practice: supplier-managed inventory

         Effective use of mindmapping and dialogue in generating new project ideas

         Electronic document and records management system

         Employee performance planning and M&E system

         Empowering end-users to report/analyze RF sales data

         Ensuring ROI in training

         Enterprise content management: an IT perspective

         Escalation process review

         Evaluation of Internet/intranet corporate portals

         FGD method for harvesting non-technical skills of high performers in IT

         FGD on ABC's uniform

         FGD to mine customer insights on a product offering

         Framework for technology schools

         Freeware to support various KM actions

         Future Center approach to a design-and-construction firm

         Gauging the potential benefits from best practices transfer in ABC

         Help desk across IT departments

         How to identify key holders of tacit knowledge in an organization

         Identification of critical knowledge assets of an organization

         Identification of potential KM champions

         Identify, measure and assess tacit knowledge content of a job

         Identifying and characterizing knowledge activists in an organization

         Identifying knowledge assets/processes affecting productivity/revenue

         Identifying non-technical competencies of high performers thru FGD

         Identifying tangible and intangible assets that most limit performance

         Improved book opening request form

         Improvement and manualization of a problematic business process

         Improvement of catalog processing

         Improvement of system incident resolution process

         Improvements in KM Team training and business processes

         Improvements in leasing information management system

         Improving ABC's service application process

         Improving customer feedback system

         Improving efficiency with post-mortem analysis and customer feedback

         Improving existing customer feedbback procedure

         Improving knowledge transfer from development to service teams

         Improving requirements development process

         Improving XYZ customer support process

         Incentive plan for knowledge sharing

         Increase of knowledge in the Government Agency ABC

         In-depth knowledge transfer procedures

         Industry best practices to improve sales process management

         Industry-academe linkage at ABC College

         Information security for SMEs

         Insights into the Filipino human resource motivation

         Internet marketing for ABC

         Intranet for the XYZ Program

         Inventory of knowledge assets

         Issue tracking approach to localization

         IT architect job analysis

         IT literacy checklist

         Kanban (JIT) system: inventory control of laboratory chemicals

         KM at Country ABC Ministry of Health

         KM in education

         KM in the product development process

         KM literacy level of ABC employees

         KM solutions for animation production

         KM tools in business process: documentation, templates, database

         KMS plan for the Support and MIS Departments (term paper)

         Knowledge audit of two business processes in ABC

         Knowledge bank for ABC

         Knowledge harvesting through a KM share portal

         Knowledge repository

         Knowledge sharing for ABC Office

         Knowledge sharing: training plus buddy system

         Knowledge taxonomy for power industry database

         Knowledge transfer from senior retiring staff

         Knowledge transfer from senior to junior engineer

         Knowledge turnover in XYZ staff

         Lead time reduction in reports development and implementation

         Learning Organization Diagnostics

         Lessons learned and problem finding about ABC City lights

         Lessons learned system among sales force

         Lessons-learned meeting at L&D Department

         Lessons-learned session for process improvements

         Lessons-learned session for Work Improvement Team

         LLM on a web-based content management and publication system

         LLM: procedure and documentation

         LLS for process improvement and manualization

         LLSs to accelerate efficiency improvement and cost reduction

         Learning organization diagnostics results for A, B, C and D

         Loan processing: improvements and documentation

         M&E for SWDO of ABC provincial government

         Managing stakeholder capital for fund sourcing

         Manual of operations for Training Department

         Manualization of HACCP system

         Manualization of service desk process for new recruits

         Measuring and assessing creativity/innovativeness of an enterprise

         Measuring R&D productivity of ABC R&D department

         Measuring/assessing innovativeness of an enterprise

         Measuring/evaluating learning organizations

         Mentoring and peer assists in the IT department

         Mining and responding to customer knowledge/requirement

         Mining customer knowledge to improve a process

         Monitoring of service processing time

         National human capital strategy

         New and emerging technologies in e-learning

         New food product development scheme

         New product development process

         Online community for eco-enterprise development and advocacy

         Online repository for ABC Educational Media Center

         Optimized sharing of process documentation and knowledge assets

         Organizing and managing organization-wide participation for ABC

         Participatory method of formulating a knowledge taxonomy

         Policies for a unified document management system

         Portal evaluation: the case of ABC supply chain portal

         Post-conference customer feedback plus lessons learned session

         Process design and documentation

         Process for evaluating individual performance in project teams

         Process improvement in change requests

         Process improvement of the district-level Review Meeting

         Productivity measurement system after a KM best practice

         Project documentation at ABC

         Project documentation/LLS for Methods Improvement Services

         Project handover and knowledge transfer to service management

         Project information integration system

         Project post-mortem and KM solutions identification

         Proposed corporate knowledge portal for ABC

         Quality assurance and solutions exchange community

         Questionnaire: knowledge-sharing versus knowledge-hoarding continuum

         Rapid characterization of best practice in drug product registration

         Raw material database for the R&D unit of XYZ

         Raw material sample tracker system

         Recognize, identify or locate communities of practice

         Reducing delays in submission of a technical report

         Reducing staff downtime in a production unit

         Review of the procurement process at ABC

         Revision of work templates at ABC library

         Sales and marketing manual

         Search/assessment of alternative technologies for digital migration

         Service application process checklist

         Service desk improvement

         Setting up a knowledgebase for a service team

         Setting up a knowledgebase for a unit in XYZ

         Setting up and managing a multi-functional work team (MNC)

         Setting up and managing a multi-functional work team (local company)

         Setting up the Service Bureau Unit at ABC

         Skill gaps analysis

         Skill set description

         Social network analysis of ABC

         Staff performance improvement support system

         Standardized data collection for effective M&E of a research program

         Survey of KM practices in the Philippines

         Tacit skills: identification, validation and documentation

         Targetted selection: a guide to behavioral approach to improved hiring

         Taxonomy exercise for the online help of the ABC sample tracking system

         Team learning in BI web application team

         Team learning through customer satisfaction issues

         Team learning through LLM and online knowledge repository

         Team learning to develop a feedback management system

         Team learning to improve process and output reports

         Team learning/solving/tracking focused on CSAT

         Team portal for software development team

         Template for best practices in the distribution of fixed income securities

         Template for documenting best practices

         Test and system development

         The value creation of semantic web to KM

         Tracing knowledge flows in an academic organization

         Track, measure and assess knowledge-sharing behaviors

         Trade advocacy group: nurturing a community of practice

         Training module for organizational energy program

         Training needs analysis

         Training needs analysis

         Training plan to learn new products and technologies

         Transfer of tacit knowledge of a confectioner

         TS (Technical Support) collaboration strategy

         Using enneagram and MBTI for improving work performance of teams

         Using wikis to capture/document what makes best/good practitioners such

         Various KM initiatives

         Various KM initiatives at factory level

         Vision-Mission-Goals plus team building at team level

         Web Quality Manual

         Web-based data management system for raw materials

         Web-based KM assessment

         Web-based products price list and inventory update for dealers and sales agents

         Web-based systems manual for a new project management group

         Website for virtual collaboration across regional teams

         Work process documentation for XYZ

         XYZ events management system

         XYZ process streamlining