Course Description

The subject matter of the course Technology Management 298 (Special Topics in Technology Management) varies from semester to semester, and from professor to professor.  It is a course normally taken near the end of a graduate program.

This semester the subject matter is Knowledge Mangement, the “soft” side of technology management.

Knowledge management (KM) is a framework for tracking and managing “soft” assets such as patents and trademarks, business processes and core competencies, skills and practices of people, team and organizational culture, internal and external networks, and databases — the intellectual capital of knowledge-based companies.

This course introduces the basic concepts and practices of KM.  It consists of a variety of learning approaches — readings and lectures, experiential group exercises, online discussions, application of some approaches and tools in the actual workplace, and class reports of learnings therefrom.

Many practices and tools in KM are not new; only the perspective is new.  KM started over two decades ago in Europe and the United States. Being new in the Philippines, there is not much local literature in the subject matter.  The course will depend on foreign sources, but learning will be strengthened by individual practicum and learning from each other's practicum results. 

Self study and group learning will be relied upon. It is assumed that you possess much knowledge and experience that can be related to the course work and when everyone brings these out then the class can be an opportunity for mutual learning processes — an advantage of team learning, a KM tool.