(Second Semester, AY 2010-2011)


         ...I would like to thank you for giving us more than what is expected. I'm currently practicing what I've learned from the class in real office scenarios and it helped increase my productivity. The class is so engaging that missing a session means missing a chance to learn something new. Again, thank you very much for a fruitful semester (2010 - 2011 2nd sem). -Armie Alfonso

         Thank you for the enlightening semester. I really learned a lot. -Banzee Banzuela

         Thank you for the semester, sir. We learned a lot from you. :) -Cha Ignacio

         I did enjoy the learning experience from your class. It has a more applied and direct perceived impact to us as young professionals and to our own institutional growth and development as knowledge is the engine of continual progress in everything that we do. -Joell Lales

         Thank you very much for sharing with us your expertise on KM. I have really learned a lot, and my outlook now is to always assess our processes and think of ways on how we can improve through KM... As for the course handling, I have no complaints. All discussions have been very informative and it is really up to us as graduate students to take time and read the assigned reading materials. The practicum has been very helpful for us to actually apply our chosen KM tool in our own organizations. Again, thank you so much sir for your generosity in teaching us. -Rachel Ong

         KM turned out to be much better than what I expected. I really learned a lot from your class and found a lot of KM practical applications for our office and perhaps my own future business use. All concepts taught and shared are very interesting and I like how the class was handled. KM was taught in a very practical and easy to learn method. I had fun and learned a lot of new things from you and our class. Keep up the good work. This is so far the most interesting course TMC offered. -Arnold Chung

         I have learned a lot from this class. I have learned that there are different ways to extract knowledge in the work place and how valuable tacit knowledge is that's why it needs to be transformed into something tangible like a manual. I have learned that it takes time to conduct such knowledge sharing and transfer and that time management is also very important. -Patty Tarape