On-Line KM Assessments


The steps in performing the on-line KM assessments are as follows: (see flowchart below)


1. The on-line KM assessments are Steps 2 and 3 of your practicum (see: "Practicum in the Workplace"). Step 1 must be done first, namely, informing and getting permission from your boss.


2. The target of the assessment is a business process performed by the team you are part of. If you perform many business processes, select only ONE. Clearly identify what this business process is. If the business process is complex or involves many steps and people, select only a manageable PART. Describe clearly this part.


3. There are four parts in the assessment. There is an initial workplace assessment to be answered by you. Two questionnaires are to be answered by all members of the team performing the selected business process. The last and most important is a simple two-question survey to be answered by external and internal customers or those who use or receive the output of the business process.


4. I will email you your own unique link to your Company Admin page. You manage and monitor the status of your assessments using this page. Firstly, under "Rapid Capacity Assessment of the Organization or Organizational Unit" or RCA, there is a link for you to use and answer some questions about your workplace. Next, email me the name of the business process you and your boss selected, and the number of members of the team doing that process. I will use this information to update the data in your Company Admin page and prepare for the next assessment.


5. Check back shortly your Company Admin page where you will see a unique link for each member of your team. Inform each member his/her own unique link (keep a record of the sequence number of each team member). Each team member then proceeds to answer two survey questionnaires: "Capacity Assessment Checklist" (CA) and "Knowledge and Tangible Assets Assessment" (KTAA). Further down in the Company Admin page, you will see a link under "External Customer Interview." If the business process has external customers, distribute this link randomly to at least ten (10) external customers (ask PERMISSION from your boss before doing this step; some companies have strict policies on who and how to properly conduct surveys of external customers). Further below you will see a link under "Internal Customer Interview." Distribute this link to ALL internal customers (if more than 5, randomly select only 5) of the business process.


6. Inform all your respondents that answers will be confidential and will be known only to me. Only statistical summaries will be revealed; not the individual answers. The Company Admin page will monitor for you who among your team have answered and who have not yet answered the assessment. It will also monitor how many external and/or internal customers have responded. This is the only information that will reach you. You can use this information to remind or follow-up respondents who are delayed.


7. Once all respondents have answered, alert me and I will CLOSE all assessments. I will then obtain the summary statistics and provide you with the analyses and recommended shortlist of appropriate KM tools to help you and your boss together select the best workplace KM practicum topic.